1. AXC administrator shall have final say in any and all disputes and may override race officials, promoters, riders or any other party involved. The administrator will use common sense in all matters, all decisions are final.                             
  2. Race Head Officials have the final say in all event disputes.                                                                                                       
  3. Event Race Head Officials shall have the authority to penalize, disqualify and/or suspend any entrant, crewmember, or spectators for the violation of any and all axc rules, including special rulings.                                                                       
  4. Event Racing Officials may issue special rulings to account for the conditions presented by the location of the race, the condition of the course and or any other unforeseen circumstance.                                                                                   
  5. Supplementary regulations may be issued for each event as necessary to amend, suspend or modify existing rules and regulations.                                                                                                                                                                                    
  6. Race Officials reserve the right to refuse and/or deny any entry application, for any reason.                                                    
  7. All riders are responsible for attending the riders meeting. Riders meeting will take place at the starting line. Unless other changes are required.                        
  8. Riders must register to race before riding their machines anywhere.                                                                                                  
  9. ALL machines must be kept in the lowest gear when riding in or around the pit, parking, driving, starting or any other congested area.If you do not follow this rule you will be asked to park your machine.                                                        
  10. RIDER CONDUCT: Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in penalty and/or disqualification. Unsportsmanlike conduct by riders and/or their guests, pit crew etc.... will result in immediate penalties and/or disqualification of rider/s involved. Determination of unsportsmanlike conduct will be at the sole discretion of the promoter, officials or AXC staff. Such decisions will be final and are not debatable. Any inappropriate actions or behavior directed towards any race personnel is considered unsportsmanlike conduct. Fighting, threats, violent or other similar conduct with, or to, race personnel will result in complete disqualification for one year from the date of the infraction from the series, the loss of all points, monies, or trophies without a refund of any type
  11. Deliberately ramming, blocking, or intentional contact with another rider may be cause for penalties. Anyone cutting the course will be disqualified! Cheating and sandbagging will not be tolerated.
  12. Team tactics will not be tolerated, sandbagging or cheating will result in penalties by race officials. Sandbagging will be watched closely, if a rider is determined to be sandbagging officials will move rider into proper class with or without rider notification.
  13. Riders may not pre-ride the course at any time unless otherwise noted by race officials. All classes other than the long course, will be given a parade lap before and the race started as soon as possible after the lap.
  14. Riders under the age of 18 must have photo I.D. or birth certificate for proof of age upon request at time of registration and be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
  15. Any racer under the age of 18 whose parent/guardian can't accompany them to the event, rider must provide a notarized letter from their parent/guardian to participate.
  16. Any entrant who fails to fully fill out and sign required entry forms and releases shall be disqualified and forfeit any prize money, trophies, and points for that event.
  17. Any entrant who competes on a machine that he/she did not register to race, or permits such action, shall forfeit any money, trophies, and points won for the event.
  18. Alcohol and/or narcotics are not permitted in any public areas, any violation of this rule will result in being asked to leae the event grounds with no refunds of any kind. This includes but is not limited to crew member, family, and/or friends.
  19. Any entry application containing falsified information or signatures will be disqualified and shall forfeit all prize money, trophies, and points for that event, and may be suspended from any further events for up to 1 year.
  20. Any entrant disqualified from any event for any reason whatsoever forfeits any and all rights to prize money, points, trophies and contingencies, and will not get any refund of any kind.
  21. All race officials retain the right to assess all situations and respond accordingly and all decisions are final and not debatable.
  22. Riders are required to wear a helmet, goggles, above the ankle boots, shirt and long pants. Safety equipment and machine eligibility are the sole reqponsibility of the rider and may be tested at any time prior to, during, or after race event.
  23. All riders are responsible for the actions of their family, guests, and/or pit crews. Any violation of AXC rules will result in penalties and possible disqualification.
  24. Spectators who choose to ride any machine must keep said vehicle in 1st gear and no more than 5mph at all times and are not allowed on race course at any time. All riders are required to wear helmets at all times while said machine is in operation. Any violation of these rules will rewult in the eviction from event property. Safety is our main priority, please be cautious and courteous.
  25. The Scoring tent is an extremely high caution area. Riders must enter the tent slowly and in full control. Riders who violate this area in any way will be penalized accordingly at the discretion of the scoring team and/or race officials. There is a no passing zone 25ft. before and after scoring tent, any violations will result in penalties. Do not hit anything in, on, or around scoring tent or you will be penalized.
  26. Only numbers registered at sign-up are allowed on an machine, only AXC numbers will be displayed on machine during race event. Quads must have at least 1 number on the front of machine, bikes must have a number up front and on both sides. If this rule is violated and causes any scoring issues, you will be penalized or disqualified.
  27. A rider may petition in writing, or private message on website to the administratior to be moved to a lower classification, and will be judged fairly using common sense to resolve all petitions. Decisions of administrator are final and not debatable.
  28. All classes will be required to use a transponder for scoring and go thru scoring tent. Everyone is required to bring their helmet to sign-up for transponder and/or testing.
  29. The machine you start the race on must be the machine you finish on. Crossing the starting line constitutes starting the race. All machines must finish under their own power and can't be towed to the finish. Machines can be pushed to the finish line by the operator only.
  30. After every event there will be a 20minute protest period. All protests should be taken to race officials for clarification with scoring. You must be able to identify the racer and location of said infraction. The word of 2 credible witnesses will be considered as proof of infraction.
  31. To be eligible for any age based classes a rider must be that age on or before the opening round of the series and is considered that age until the end of the year.
  32.  A determined number of races will be counted towards year end championship points in all classes receiving points at the beginning of every season. You must participate in 75% of events to qualify for year end awards and claim any placements in classes.
  33. The ironman award will be given to all entrants who compete in every race, finish with at least 1/2 the laps of the winner in their class, have no penalties or disqualifications for the year. This is for the long course races only.
  34. In the event of any ties in total points, the tie will first be broken by who attended and paid entry to the most events that year. If that does not break the tie then the rider with the most 1st place finishes breaks the tie. In the event that doesn't solve tie we then go to 2nd place finishes, then 3rd and so on until the tie is broken.
  35. Rider must complete at least one full lap to receive points for that event, or will recieve a DNF (did not finish). DNF receives no points for that event.
  36. It should be the desire of all riders to race in a class they would be competitive in. If a rider possesses a riding ability that exceeds their level of participation he/she has signe up for in any given event, the series administrator reserves the right to move said rider to appropriate class.
  37. The course/track may include trails, footpaths roads, hills, mx, and any terrain available to be negotiated by all machines entered.
  38. Marking, cutting, tampering with or changing the course in any manner without race official approval is strictly prohibited.
  39. Riders must remain on marked course. The marked course is within 20ft. of either side of all arrows. Areas marked with double arrows, the racer must go between double arrows. Race officials may also point out areas of special interest for the purpose of staying on course. Must go between all arrows when in open areas, fields, roads ect...
  40. Racers encountering a bottleneck (traffic jam) are permitted to go more than 20ft off of course to get around said bottleneck. Racer must re-enter course at the closest point available and are not permitted to use bypass next lap around and must remain on course.
  41. Racers are permitted to make repairs anywhere on course, from anyone at any time. All said assistance must be done without causing any interference to others in a suitable area off the course. If a break down occurs all vehicles will be removed off course when race is final. Do not go out and retrieve said vehicle until after the race is final or race officials have given the OK. NEVER ride the course in any direction other than the direction arrowed.
  42. Ribbons, banners, stakes, markings of any kind, represent the limits of the course. A rider who takes down any said markers is required to re-install said marker. Failure to do so may result in heavy penalties. Racers must excercise proper speed and control to avoid damaging any part of the track.
  43. If a racer leaves course for any reason, he/she must re-enter in the same spot. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  44. Riders meeting will be held at the starting line. All racers will line up on their required class row and start each row 1 minute apart. All races are dead engine start.
  45. Any racer who has a false start must slow down and let all moving vehicles pass before they can continue on race course. Racers who do not comply will receive a 30 second penalty per lap.
  46. Any machine that does not start must be moved before the next line leaves. Once said machine gets started they are allowed to enter the race course at any time. Any interference with the start will result in penalties.
  47. The checkered flag will be displayed at the scoring tent to indicate the race is over and all racers must exit the course and be clear of the finishing area. The race may be declared finished early by race officials for ANY reason at any time. A white flag will be displayed when race officials have determined said last lap.
  48. If a racer would like to get a work average, they must contact AXC at least 7 days prior to event limited to 5 persons per event. You must put in 2 full days of work and are allowed 1 work average per season. A racer may not work and race the same event and will receive 3 bonus points at the end of the season.
  49. In the event of extreme foul weather, at the discretion of administrator, a race may be moved up 1 day, or back one day for safety. In the event of this change, all kids and short courses will be cancelled and the long courses will be run on said day. Quads starting at 11a.m. and bikes at 1:30 p.m. If needed the date may be moved.